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Best Property Lawyer in Delhi: The person bringing the lawsuit must include all of the supporting documents in his or her filings. Once the case is assigned a number, the court will use a written order known as a Summons to ask the opposing party (defendant) to appear in court on a specific date. If the defendant does not show up on that date, the court will issue an order enforcing his non-appearance as evidence against him. Best Property Lawyer in Delhi, (Order issued without prejudice) Upon receipt of the defendant's written statement, the court will schedule an appointment for witnesses and parties to appear for the examination (Trial). Best Property Lawyer in Delhi, In the following phase, the Court will hear arguments from the parties' legal representatives. It can be written or oral, or even a combination of the two. Finally, a decision will be made by the court. The reasons for the court's decision are spelled out in the judgment. The decree is the name given to the court's final order, which the parties must follow.

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Clients can contact us by phone, email, or in-person for legal advice and consultation. We draught court documents and legal documents such as sale deeds and wills. In India, civil and criminal cases are tried in the same courtroom. In India, we have secured property rights for our clients and freed those who were wrongfully imprisoned in thousands of cases.

To prevent encroachment, we can get court orders to get rights under sale agreements of land, buildings, and so on, and we can file civil cases. We can protect property rights from encroachment and unauthorized occupation by tenants, for example. Best Property Lawyer in Delhi, We can draught legal wills and litigate property rights disputes to obtain property rights under a Deed of Will. By bringing a lawsuit for the partition of the property, we can obtain equity stakes in the company. We can obtain court orders for the sale of the property if it is indivisible. In deserving cases, we offer free legal assistance delivered right to your door. For decades, we've served as family lawyers for dozens of families and individuals.

It is possible to file a petition under the Buildings Act and obtain an eviction order from the Regional Court of Prince Edward Island if the tenant in your building refuses to leave or does not pay monthly rent. Best Property Lawyer in Delhi, In the event your landlord or building owner tries to evict you illegally by disconnecting your water and electricity services, we will stand up for your rights!

We have real estate attorneys in all of India's major cities. In addition to residential properties, our Real Estate Advocates also deal with commercial properties. Best Property Lawyer in Delhi, Real estate companies can benefit from our Legal Consultancy Service, which provides legal advice. We provide legal advice to people who want to buy or sell a house, such as the Homeland. We're well-known in Delhi and the NCR as property lawyers and consultants.

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